Capacity 1KVA/900W
Input Voltage 220VAC
Output Voltage 220VAC
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50Hz+/-0.05Hz
Battery Battery Type Value Regulated Maintainance Free Lead Acid(VRLA) for standard Model with internal battery
Battery Voltage/Capacity 36V external battery
Recharge Time ~5Hours
Max recharge current 6A
Floating charge Voltage 27.3V/41.0V
Input Features
Frequency 40~70Hz
Power Factor 0.99@Full Load
Voltage Range 110V~300V Halfload 176V~300V Full load
Warranty 01 Year


Description :

MaxGreen MGO-PX1K Online UPS has Input Nominal input voltage 220VAC, Voltage Range 110V~300V Halfload 176V~300V Full load, Frequency Range 40~70Hz, Power Factor 0.99@Full Load. Output voltage 220VAC,Voltage Regulation 1%, Frequency(Sync.Mode) 47Hz~53Hz. Frequency(Bat.Mode) 50Hz+/-0.05Hz ,Output THDv 2% linear Load 6% Non-Linear Load ,Waveform Pure Sinewave. Transfer TimeLine Mode–Bat Mode 0ms, Inv–Bypass Mode <4ms. Efficiency AC-AC 89% ,ECO 94% ,Battery Mode 88%. Battery & Charger Voltage/Capacity 36V external battery. Battery Type Value Regulated Maintenance Free Lead Acid(VRLA) for the Standard Model with an internal battery. Recharge Time ~5Hours.Max recharge current 6A. Floating charge Voltage 27.3V/41.0V. Display LCD, Buzzer Alarm Bat.Mode/Bat.Low/Overload/Fault. Dimension 145(W)X220(H)X328(L)mm. Weight 6.1kg. Environment Humidity 5~97%(Non-Condensing).Operating Ambient Temperature 0~40℃. Communication Port S 232/SNMP(option)/USB(option). Get online ups at best price in bd.


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MaxGreen MGO-S1KS(PX1KL) Online UPS