DVR Philips Adapter 12V5A Original

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4-Pin 12V 5A 60W Power Adapter Compatible with CWT KPL-060F VI KPL-050F Hikvision DVR Philips Magnavox

বর্তমান অস্থিতিশীল বাজার পরিস্থিতির কারনে দাম ও স্টক সম্পর্কে নিশ্চিত হয়ে অনলাইনে অর্ডার করুনঃ 01308-400643
  • New Global 4-Pin DIN 12V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with CWT KPL-060F KPL-060F-VI Philips Magnavox 17MD255V 17MD255V/17 17″ Widescreen LCD Color TV & DVD Video Player Combo Television Receiver Monitor BUSH DSA-60W-12 2 12060A Rocstor R340T2-01 R320T2-01 12VDC 5A 60W DC12V 5000mA 12.0V 5.0A 5.00A 60 W Switching Power Supply Cord Cable Charger Mains PSU (w/ 4-Prong Connector. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit. Thanks.)
  • Compatible with: Philips Magnavox 17MD255V 17MD255V/17 17MD255V17 17″ Widescreen LCD Color TV & DVD Video Player Combo Television Receiver Monitor; CWT KPL-060F KPL-060F-VI Channel Well Technology KPL060F KPL-060FVI KPL060F-VI KPL060FVI 4 Prong 12V 5.00A 60W Power Supply (with 4-Pin Connector)
  • Compatible with: Hikvision KPL-050F KPL050F ( 4 pins ) 12.0V 4.16A 50W 12 VDC 4160mA 50 W Power Supply; Hikvision CWT KPL-060F-VI KPL-060FVI KPL060F-VI KPL060FVI Channel Well Technology 12V 5.00A 60W 12 V 5.0A 60 W Power Supply; Hikvision YW1205HK DS-7208HTHI-K2 DS-7216 HVI-ST DS-7216HWI-SH DS-7216HVI-S DS7216 HVIST DS7216HWISH DS7216HVIS 7804H-SN 7808H-SN 7804H-SNH 7808H-SNH 7816H 7824H Video Surveillance DVR Digital Video Recorder 12VDC DC12V 12.0V Power Supply
  • Compatible with: BUSH DSA-60W-12 2 12060A DSA-60W-122 12060A DSA-60W-12 212060A DSA-60W-12212060A BUSH VESTEL HITACHI 0217B1250 4Pin DIN 12.0V 5.0A 60W Power Supply. Fit Rocstor R340T2-01 R340T201 Articroc 4T Tower 4HDD Raid System Rocstor R320T2-01 R320T201 Arcticroc 2T 6TB DAS Hard Disk Drive HDD HD Power Supply
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